Server is near Finished Just Working on some small changes to the kits and Crates Below is The Structure Plan for the Server Network

Current Specs & Hardware

Dedicated Server 1
Processor Xeon E3-1230V2 - 3.2GHz / 3.6GHz turbo
Ram 24 GB
Disk 120 GB SSD + 3TB HHD
Bandwidth 1Gbit Port: 33TB Transfer
Operating System CentOS 7 (latest)

Dedicated Server 2:
Processor 2x Xeon E5440 @ 2.83GHz
Ram 16 GiB
Disk 2 TB HHD
Bandwidth 1Gbit Port: 33TB Transfer
Operating System CentOS 6 (latest)

These Hardware will Run The Faction server as well as the Hub Server and Skylands (once its Live)
if at anytime game play where to suffer due to hardware we will update within the week to improve game play

The Schedule for Game modes are the Following

First Factions
Second Skylands
Third UHCC Survival Mode (more info to come soon)
Fourth Mini Games

Other game modes my come depending on the needs of the players and what they want. Each game mode will come only after the previous one is fully up and working with a dedicated player base or unless its really requested by most of the active players.

As for advertising Plans are being made to get us some VIP Slots on some Sites as well as looking into some Youtube Advertising For some Series.

More Updates to come withing the Following Days